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Managed Ultrasound

End Reactive Maintenance.
Opt For A Predictive Program.

What Is Managed Ultrasound?

Managed Ultrasound is a road map created by SDT to help customers on their journey to achieve a world-class program. It is the fastest path to realizing the remarkable returns that ultrasound technology offers.

Ultrasound solutions contribute significantly to asset condition management by providing insight into the health of assets, reducing energy waste and improving product quality.

A Partnership

SDT believes that the burden of success does not rest solely on your shoulders. Managed Ultrasound is a stress-free partnership through which we share the responsibility of implementing an ultrasound technology-based program with you.

The benefits of a world-class ultrasound program are well documented, and so are the barriers that threaten to derail your efforts. The triple threat to success is poor planning, inexperience and resistance to culture change. Managed Ultrasound helps you navigate all three and embrace reliability-centered maintenance.

Together, we create a strategy to implement and maintain your ultrasound solutions program for life. We are there every step of the way to ensure your success.

The Road Map

SDT’s road map to realizing a world-class program that embraces ultrasound technology has three milestones.

Milestone 1: Project Launch

Milestone 1: Project Launch

Milestone 1 is the most intensive leg of the journey. There is so much to accomplish in the first six months of embracing ultrasound solutions.

  • Readiness Assessment And Planning
  • Alignment Meeting
  • Level 1 Ultrasound Certification
  • Hardware And Software Implementation
  • Quarterly Site Visits
Milestone 2: Checks And Alignment

Milestone 2: Checks And Alignment

The longest leg of the journey, Milestone 2 is a culmination of learning, gathered experiences and remarkable culture change.

  • Scorecarding
  • Level 2 Ultrasound Certification
  • Measureable Wins And Reportable ROI
  • Quarterly Site Visits
  • Culture Change
Milestone 3: The Goal

Milestone 3: The Goal

Reaching Milestone 3 indicates a successful implementation of a world-class ultrasound program.

  • Scorecarding
  • Celebration Of Wins
  • Creating Case Study Write-Ups
  • Quarterly Site Visits
  • Culture Change

The Best Hardware And Software

A Managed Ultrasound program comes packaged with the world’s best ultrasound hardware and software, as well as SDT’s Building Blocks Concept. You concentrate on managing your assets, and SDT ensures that your ultrasound solutions are always ready to go.

Break it? We replace it. Equipment needs calibration or service? We’ve got you covered.

Mentoring And Support

Embracing ultrasound technology is only one part of the journey to build a world-class ultrasound solutions program. SDT’s support team comprises trainers, implementation specialists, IT support specialists and applications experts.

Your support team includes a designated service specialist with the following responsibilities:

  • Pre-Implementation Alignment Planning
  • Level 1 Ultrasound Certification For Your Team (On-Site)
  • Implementation And Hardware/Software Training (On-Site)
  • Monthly Follow-Up Site Visits
  • Quarterly Scorecarding
  • Email/Telephone/Web Support

Achieving Asset Condition Management Success

Ultrasound technology must be a key element in your asset condition management strategy. It provides early detection of asset health issues and the opportunity for reliability-centered maintenance. Fully implemented programs reap the benefit of lower energy costs, leading to environmental sustainability.

The “Asset Management Practices, Investments, and Challenges” research report shows that 70 percent of companies polled felt an in-house asset management strategy suited them better than outsourcing, yet only 30 percent of those strategies succeed. cites lack of leadership as a leading cause of project failure.

A Managed Ultrasound program from SDT provides all of the benefits of ultrasound technology without the stress of maintaining assets and capital investments.

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