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1-Day Acoustic Lubrication Workshop

We’ve been using lubrication to fight friction for more than 4000 years. One would think by now we would be better at it. Yet statistics published by the world’s leading bearing manufacturers – companies like SKF and FAG – suggest that less than 5% of bearings reach their engineered L10 lifecycle. Furthermore, they report that as much as 80% of bearing failures are directly attributable to poor lubrication practices.

Bearing failures result in costly downtime and missed production targets. With so much at stake, one wonders how the simple task of injecting grease into a bearing could go so horribly wrong.

This workshop is designed to help organizations right the wrongs by optimizing asset lubrication. We talk about grease; what it is, how it works, and the very best way to apply it. Our aim is to give clarity to grease composition, and the different phases of lubrication.

The merits of on-condition lubrication are discussed and contrasted with calendar-based replenishment scheduling. Everything is tied together with an explanation of the recent advances in acoustic lubrication.


  • Gain an understanding about grease composition and the different phases of lubrication
  • Compare the merits of a time-based versus on-condition grease replenishment schedule
  • Discover advancements made in ultrasound technology that help you grease bearings right
  • Gain insight to accelerate the velocity of culture change for your acoustic lubrication program
  • Understand lubrication related defects caused by human error and misguidance

Workshop Locations and Registration

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Friday April 5, 2019 Leduc, AB Register