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Tue, 27. August 2019, 11:00 h - 12:00 h
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Advancing Reliability with Partnered Outcomes

Ulteasound has the potential to significantly advance reliability. Emphasis is placed on the word potential because success is not guaranteed. Partnered Ultrasound defines a roadmapped strategy that tilts the odds of success in your favor, allowing potential to be realized.

Create Learners for Life

We’ve all heard the familiar cliché “the day I stop learning is the day I die.” Yet, too often training is budgeted as a singular event instead of the long-term progression towards competency it needs to be. Partnered Ultrasound, through sustained mentoring, makes “Learner for life” your new motto.


  • Learning what we are setting out to accomplish
  • Discovering what are we attempting to change
  • Finding who we need on our side
  • Naming our primary pain points
  • How to measure our success

Who’s Onboard?

The short answer is everyone.

We’ve come to know that the primary reason UT programs fail is because upper management does not understand its capabilities and its versatility. The Partnered Ultrasound Training Roadmap delivers the necessary knowledge from the top down.

Only through complete involvement of all stakeholders can we guarantee the creation of your world-class ultrasound program.


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The SDT Complimentary Webinar Series is delivered throughout the year covering a range of topics - Ultrasound, Vibration, Asset Condition Monitoring and Reliability.